Current Exhibits

          General Store Replica:circa 1900.

          Sports Memorabilia:†† Scotty Pippen and more!

          Early 1900ís Medical/Dental Display: featuring the life of Avadene Poe, polio survivor.

          School Days:early education in Faulkner County.

          Antique Tool Exhibit:everything from mule collars to acorn husk broom.

          Back Porch:wringerwashingmachine andice box.

          Early 1940ís Kitchen

          Victorian Bedroom: featuring a cradle made by early Arkansas governor,George W. Donaghey.

          WPA Exhibit

          Political Development:Faulkner County Judges since 1873.

          Pine Street School

          Railroad Exhibit

          Farming in Faulkner County

          Cotton Exhibit

          Log Cabins of Faulkner County:featuring a painting of Aunt Mandy Harlan, former slave, by Gene Hatfield.

          Cadron Settlement Exhibit

          Native American Exhibit:featuring a mural by local school children, and the Fred Wilson Arrowhead collection.

          European Immigration 1870-1890:agreat start for genealogical research.Copies of The Guiding Star (an 1880 guidebook for Catholic immigrants to the Arkansas River Valley) is available for $10.00.